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Check out our awesome testimonials!

Victoria Englert- "Awesome place, awesome instructors."

Renee Jersey- "Just got home from my 1st ever Martial Arts Class. Tonight's date night was at NOMAD Kali & Combat Fitness. Best Workout Ever! I loved the Kali (Philippine Stick Fighting)...Combat Fitness kicked my butt.....Guro Royce and Sensei Frank pushed us hard, but patiently taught this newbie Kali and Boxing moves.

Can't wait to go back!!!"

Jose "Jude" Abad- "Guro Ramos and Sensei DiMaria have set up an amazing program that takes the intense sweat inducing drills of a crossfit gym and combined it with the practical combat art form of Kali. If you want to get your body into ridiculous shape, learn an effective form of self defense used by law enforcement/militaries around the world, and have fun then Nomad Kali is for you. Guro Ramos and Sensei DiMaria are courteous, approchable, passionate, and professional trainers who teach with a great amount of patience gained from their decades of combined experience in multiple martial arts. The prices and payment plans are more than fair and the class times are great for commuters. Come take a chance to better yourself and get the proverbial 'poisons' out of your body!"

Michael Adams- "This school is awesome! If you wanna get into great shape and learn how to kick butt this is your school!"

Matthew Feola- "I have been doing this class for almost a year now and I enjoy it enormously. I gives me something productive to do with my time while at the same time teaches to hone skill that I have always have."

Christian Pavilick- "I originally started NOMAD Kali & Combat Fitness to get into better shape for the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I take.

I quickly started to notice real gains in my strength and endurance.  I find that the instructor truly cares about my health and progress and has helped me push myself further than I thought possible."

Alexander Reyes- "Love training every night. Instructors are great learning fight skills that are applicable in the real world while getting in to top fitness levels. Come train and "GET SOME"!!

Andrew Greenspan- "Frankie and Royce are hard working instructors that will transform your fitness into something you will look forward to every time you go back."

Spence Patterson- "The guys at this school really know their stuff. Sign up and try the free class. You won't regret it. Perfect for beginners and can get pretty advanced."

Salvatore Capuano- "An amazing place to train. A place that you can become much more then you could ever imagine. Amazing staff plus the environment feels like home the second you walk in. I highly recommend checking them out for yourself!"

Eric Trotter- "The instructors here are the right combination of encouraging and demanding. They offer a rigorous and rewarding combat fitness and Kali martial arts program that is approachable even to a novice like me. Seasoned teachers and senior students are indispensable in their helpfulness. A great environment to grow physically and mentally."

Salvatoro Polizzi- "Royce Ramos is everything you want in a teacher. Before I go on about how great he is I should first say that I am a teacher of a different system with 25 + years in the game and I like to visit Royce whenever we can schedule a workout. He's skilled as **** yet very humble. He'd knowledgeable and passionate about his art but not to the point that he wont give you insights from other arts and sources. Of course he's scary good with a knife but you expect that. But his student he had me working with (the one they nicknamed "gargoyle") had developed a high level of skill in less than 2 years. Kid was skilled enough to make me wish I had a damned spear or hook swords. Lol. Knive v knife with him was too much work for how little time he had in. To me that's the best way to judge the true value of any teacher. Look at the students. His were skillful and a good bunch of guys. its not an MMA gym. Not sport fighting focused. Not a forms competition place to win cute medals. it's a place to learn how to get home safe from a bad situation and get in shape while you're at it. I'm Sal Polizzi and I approve this message."