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Check Out Our Awesome Testimonials!

Victoria Englert ★★★★★ "Awesome place, awesome instructors." 

Renee Jersey ★★★★★ "Just got home from my 1st ever Martial Arts Class. Tonight's date night was at NOMAD Kali & Combat Fitness. Best Workout Ever! I loved the Kali (Philippine Stick Fighting)...Combat Fitness kicked my butt.....Guro Royce and Sensei Frank pushed us hard, but patiently taught this newbie Kali and Boxing moves.

Can't wait to go back!!!" 

Jose "Jude" Abad ★★★★★ "Guro Ramos and Sensei DiMaria have set up an amazing program that takes the intense sweat-inducing drills of a crossfit gym and combined it with the practical combat art form of Kali. If you want to get your body into ridiculous shape, learn an effective form of self-defense used by law enforcement/militaries around the world, and have fun then Nomad Kali is for you. Guro Ramos and Sensei DiMaria are courteous, approachable, passionate, and professional trainers who teach with a great amount of patience gained from their decades of combined experience in multiple martial arts. The prices and payment plans are more than fair and the class times are great for commuters. Come take a chance to better yourself and get the proverbial 'poisons' out of your body!" 

Matthew Feola ★★★★★ "I have been doing this class for almost a year now and I enjoy it enormously. It gives me something productive to do with my time while at the same time teaches me how to hone my skills."

Christian Pavilick ★★★★★ "I originally started NOMAD Kali & Combat Fitness to get into better shape for the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I take. I quickly started to notice real gains in my strength and endurance. I find that the instructor truly cares about my health and progress and has helped me push myself further than I thought possible." 

Alexander Reyes ★★★★★ "Love training every night. Instructors are great learning fight skills that are applicable in the real world while getting in to top fitness levels. Come train and "GET SOME"!! 

Andrew Greenspan ★★★★★ "Frankie and Royce are hard-working instructors that will transform your fitness into something you will look forward to every time you go back." 

Spence Patterson ★★★★★ "The guys at this school really know their stuff. Sign up and try the free class. You won't regret it. Perfect for beginners and can get pretty advanced."

Salvatore Capuano ★★★★★ "An amazing place to train. A place that you can become much more then you could ever imagine. Amazing staff plus the environment feels like home the second you walk in. I highly recommend checking them out for yourself!"

Sal Polizzi ★★★★★ "Royce Ramos is everything you want in a teacher. Before I go on about how great he is I should first say that I am a teacher of a different system with 25 + years in the game and I like to visit Royce whenever we can schedule a workout. He's skilled as **** yet very humble. He's knowledgeable and passionate about his art but not to the point that he won't give you insights from other arts and sources. Of course, he's scary good with a knife but you expect that. But his student he had me working with had developed a high level of skill in less than 2 years. The kid was skilled enough to make me wish I had a damned spear or hook swords. Lol. Knive v knife with him was too much work for how little time he had in. To me, that's the best way to judge the true value of any teacher. Look at the students. His were skillful and a good bunch of guys. It's not an MMA gym. Not sport fighting focused. Not a forms competition place to win cute medals. it's a place to learn how to get home safe from a bad situation and get in shape while you're at it. I'm Sal Polizzi and I approve this message."

Craig McEllen ★★★★★ "An amazing place to train. A place that you can become much more then you could ever imagine. Amazing staff plus the environment feels like home the second you walk in. I highly recommend checking them out for yourself. Great instructors, who are knowledgeable in not just Kali but other martial arts. They care about their students and are very good about applying what is taught, to real-world situations."

Robb Buckland ★★★★★ "I've trained with these guys for most of 2019. you couldn't ask for more qualified training partners, instructors or just plain all around dedicated martial artists then the team at nomad I've been in the martial arts since 1973 so I've been around the block just a little."

Chris Nalley ★★★★★ "Master Royce is an extremely talented martial artist and a phenomenal person. His ability to teach is second to none. He has went out of his way to help me and several other people I know. If you are in the area and looking for the best place to train at, look no further."

Jess Molina ★★★★ "Guru Ramos and Sensei DiMaria are compassionate, humble and true masters of martial arts! They both take their time to help individual students while also challenging them to learn new techniques. I LOVE this place!"

Alyxx Weishaar ★★★★ "I've been training with Nomad Kali for 2 years. This is the first formal martial arts training I've had and I can't picture training anywhere else. There is a true brother/sisterhood among the students and the instructors. These classes not only teach you how to better your martial arts skills, but they teach you how to better yourself. The lessons you learn in class can translate into your everyday life. Guro Royce and Sensei Frankie have created a great program that teaches you martial arts and gets you in great shape. I highly recommend this program to anyone whether you want to learn martial arts, or just gain physical and mental strength."

Jay Dionisio ★★★★★ "Guru Royce and Sensei Frankie are instructors who genuinely love what they do and it shows. The senior students are always willing to lend a hand, adding to a diverse, family atmosphere making even new students feel at home. I initially intended to do 1-2 classes a week because of my work and gym schedule, but that soon turned into 3-5! Very happy I joined"

Nelcy Garcia ★★★★★ "Never been to this place, but have several friends who do go here and they love it. This fitness center has helped them in so many levels from physical to mentally."

Katy Amacker ★★★★ "Great instructors and students. Everyone is very positive and supportive with impressive skills. This is a great learning environment for all ages."

Brian Roccabruna ★★★★★ "Great school with great teachers Royce and Frank are fantastic."

Heidy Lopez ★★★★ "Welcoming and professional environment. The team is amazing and trustworthy! Tried multiple places with my children, but nothing stuck; and I must say that I have never seen my children show such enthusiasm and love for something until now. Highly recommend!"

Chris Nott ★★★★★ "Excellent School to learn FMA / PTK."

Melanie Johnson ★★★★★ "I have been studying kali here for two and a half years and I only have positive things to say about Nomad Kali and Combat Fitness. Learning, growth, camaraderie, and respect are all pillars that this school is built on. Before Nomad I had never joined a martial arts school and was a bit apprehensive of me being a woman in, at that time, a mostly male populated school. My fears were quickly put to rest and I have been supported and encouraged by instructors and students alike from day one. Our women population has been growing and I highly encourage any women interested in trying martial arts to try a free trial at our school and see the wonderfully supportive community we have. Questions are encouraged and individual support is given to each student. Multiple classes and open mat time allow for training no matter your personal schedule. Nomad continues to make a huge impact on my life physically and mentally and I hope anyone looking for quality martial arts instruction and a community of caring and supportive instructors and students to please visit our school!"

Kalena Mina ★★★★★ "Royce and his staff are amazing instructors for their students. I am very impressed with their professionalism. Their prices are great for everyone. You are paying for their knowledge which is beyond excellent. You will not be disappointed with the rare gem. I highly, highly recommend Nomad Kali to everyone!!!!"

Katiuska Daniel ★★★★★ "I enjoy doing Kali it is fun and challenging. It has helped me both physically and mentally. The students are great and so are the instructors. Support is a main key at this school and adults always supports the kids. The cost is right and just. I have had no issues or negative comments. If you have not been in for a few days you will get a wellness check and that if great."

Elizabeth Marie Diers ★★★★★ "They treat each child in the class with individual attention and respect... which is not always easy to do in an hour...they know the kids, the families and it is a great place that I feel even a "shy"' child will feel comfortable...great atmosphere to learn unlike most places they give you 2 classes to try and see if it is a good match for you"

Brian Valero ★★★★★ "The change of my son is night and day. best decision/best investment I've ever made. just bring your child down to the dojo. you will notice a change sooner than you think."

John Scalice ★★★★★ "So I would like to start off by saying Sensei Frankie and Royce are true professionals and martial artists, with that said, their refined detailed teaching makes the classes more enjoyable and makes it a safe comfortable environment to train and learn in. I strongly recommend signing up and training, you will not regret signing up!"

Dario Ynoa ★★★★★ "I am very satisfied with nomad Kali and combat fitness martial arts school because of their great service and teachings,.my son and I are both members for about 5 or 6 months now and we have come to develop a passion for the art and training,..Sensei Frankie and Guro Royce are both amazing instructors and show a great amount of respect and care for their students and parents as well. They encourage us to train hard and show us support through the tough times as well. We stay motivated to go to practice by staying connected and via messages, I give them a five star for professionalism and service to the community..."

Brian Cocolicchio ★★★★★ "Nomad Kali and Combat Fitness is one of the few schools in the area that offer Pekiti Tirsia Kali training. Guro Royce and Sensei Frankie are wonderful instructors who care about their students. The training atmosphere is one that emphasizes family, hard work, and discipline. Along with the instructors, the senior students are always willing to help the new students and welcome them into the group. Along with morning and evening classes in Kali, Kajukenbo, Combat JiuJitsu, and Combat Fitness, they also offer weekend seminars from top Pekiti Tirsia Instructors. If you want to learn about Filipino Martial Arts, Kajukenbo or Combat JiuJitsu, NOMAD is the place."

Matthew St.Denis ★★★★★ I stared with Nomad Kali and Combat Fitness January 2020 literally New Year’s Day with the resolution to lead a healthier life and to challenge myself beyond my current capacity. My first interaction was with lead instructor Royce Ramos where he made observations that my current knowledge and training could use sharpening from there on the rest is history. I’ve been a loyal student ever since and it’s more than just martial arts. It truly is a family with the regular students. There is a sense of pride when one of us ranks up or achieves a belt in the Kajukembo program. I have the luxury of commenting on all because I take the MMA, Kajukembo and Kali program. A key factor in any school is demonstration. Both Royce and Frankie, the karate program instructor, demonstrate each technique until the student can achieve an adequate mastery. If more instruction is needed there is open mat time where one can practice till there hearts desire. They are highly accommodating and treat you as more than just just a customer, you are a friend and family member.

Dawn Cafer ★★★★★ Can't recommend enough! The dedication the instructors put in, coupled with the kindness they have shown my son makes us LOVE Nomad! Not only am I impressed with the program, but also with the other children in class. They display good sportsmanship and care for their classmates. First time I have experienced that anywhere (and we have tried a lot of things).

Jonathan Rosario ★★★★★ This is an amazing school worth 10 stars. Sensei Frankie and Sensei Royce are amazing teachers. They work with kids as young as 5 years old all the way up to adults. Sensei Frankie is great with the kids, the kids love him and he has a natural positive aura that can fill the room. This school is located on the 2nd floor of the palisades mall just above best buy. I recommend anyone looking for a good school with a decent price and excellent teacher for kids, teens and adults, this is the school you want to go to.

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