Years of Martial Arts Experience: Less than a year
Martial Art Ranks Currently Held:
-Kali Rank: Initiate


Height: 5'9"


Weight: 180lbs

Favorite Healthy Food: Watermelon

Preferred Martial Arts Style: MMA 


Preferred Technique: Leg Sweep Takedowns

Preferred Exercise: Sport Based 

Weapon(s) Of Choice: Baton

Goals: Expand my knowledge of new techniques that can be used to save my life or the lives of others


Favorite Quote: N/A

Testimonial: I came to Nomad to stay in shape and possible learn a few martial art techniques that could help me with my job in law enforcement. I'm learning more then I ever thought in such a short time due to the wide variety of martial art techniques practiced.       The best part for me, is not just the amount they offer, but the way everything is blended together to try and make you the best you       can be no matter your skill set.